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Are you interested in writing for us on any of the following topics : Short Stories, Sequels, Lifestyle & Fashion, and other random Blog posts? Kindly read through below and fill the form afterwards.

All post sent in should be original. No form of plagiarism would be allowed.

No post’s content should have any hint of racism or bias tendency towards any group/race.

Use of abbreviations is not allowed. Clarity is needed.

Pidgin Language is allowed if that will enable the message to be passed across in a proper manner.

All posts sent in must be accompanied with a photo. This enables our reader’s interest to be well captivated.

Publication of post sent in, is at the discretion of a  Administrator. Either ways, writers would be contacted even if the post is not published.

Kindly mail us on if interested.
We will be waiting to hear from you.
Thank you.

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