Video purportedly shows Ghanaian lecturer crying in class after being exposed by BBC in sex for grade scandal

Professor Gyampo, a Ghanaian lecturer implicated in BBC’s “sex for grades” exposé, was filmed crying in class in front of his students after the video aired.


Prof. Ransford Gyampo, a lecturer at the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana, was caught on camera propositioning marriage to an undercover reporter in the BBC Africa Eye’s “sex for grades” investigations.


In the video, the Head of European Studies at the University of Ghana, is seen asking to marry a female undercover journalist posing as a student. The undercover journalist had pretended to be a graduate seeking to do a study on a subject the Professor is knowledgeable in.


A few weeks after accepting to be the mentor to the reporter, Prof. Gyampo called her and asked to pay a visit to her on a Sunday afternoon. But the undercover journalist asked Gyampo to meet her at “the mall” instead, BBC reports.


Professor Gyampo was seen making numerous inappropriate demands from the female reporter posing as a student. He also proposed to marry her and expressed his desire to kiss her.


Following the exposé, Prof. Gyampo reportedly arrived in his class, crying in front of students, and the video was shared online.


Watch it below.

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