A man has been filmed resisting officials of an Electricity Distribution Company from taking his wire which they have cut.

In the video shared on social media, the man insisted that he was ready to make a case with the operatives as he alleged that the removal of electric wires in the past had led to the death of his son.

As he spoke to the DISCO operatives whom he called “nonentities NEPA” while they were filming the incident, he asked the lady who was still holding the wire to drop it.

Since the lady refused to drop the wire, he ignored her and started removing his pants, saying that he wants to rape the female staff. Onlookers were shocked as the man removed his pants, brandishing his male member. The female officer at that point had to leave the wire for him.

The frustrated man accused the Disco officials of collecting money from people and complained over epileptic power supply.

“You come to my house and take my wires. Have I not paid? Did I disturb you? Aanu is the metre reader of this area. Nobody should pay until NEPA apologises for days without power supply,” he said.

Watch the video below.


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