Vector Speaks On Collaborating With M.I

Nigerian rapper, Vector Tha Viper has stated that he can never collaborate with M.I Abaga whom he currently has beef with.

He made this statement after an inquisitive fan asked to know if Vector won’t mind recording with M.I.

While M.I Abaga labeled Vector a snake that people should beware of, Vector in return stated that M.I is Judas the rate.

The fan asked;

Baba, will there be plans of you and M.I doing a song together? Please avail mutual fans of you both the eargasm of having their best on a project.”

In response, the rapper wrote; “I don’t like cunning people. It ruins things”.

However, another fan asked if he would consider doing a joint EP with M.I’s brother, Jesse Jagz, who is also a rapper.

In response, he wrote: ‘I love Jesse. If we will we will.’

Vector Speaks On Collaborating With M.I Vector Speaks On Collaborating With M.I

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