Iconic Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo and ace comedian Chinedu Ani Emmanuel popularly known as Nedu, have been unveiled as the face of the latest collection of Lamas Clothing, Nigeria’s luxury bespoke tailoring brand.

The collection teamed ‘The Synergy’ characterizes the inseparable connection between the 21st century upwardly mobile gentleman and his style.

‘The Synergy’ showcases Dakolo and Nedu adorned in an expertly tailored Tuxedo, which is targeted at bridegrooms and perhaps their stand-up men.

Dakolo, whose supermodel alter ego was on display in the collection photoshoot, also effortlessly paraded the ‘Owambe’ (party) Agbada piece and the lavishly embroidered Aso-Oke Agbada.

The collection expresses the style of a modern African man in his trendy cultural outfit, in his charming wedding suit and his classy business look.

According to the designer and founder of Lamas Clothing, Olayiwola Ogedengbe, the collection is part of the brand’s goal to reinvent the art of tailoring and reinforce the unique sense of African style.

“The Synergy collection is a masterpiece – from the fabrics to the tailoring, we crafted it to perfection. We have set a new high for the brand with this collection. Now we have to work hard to surpass it in our next collection”, Ogedengbe said.

Lamas Clothing has in the past 13 years consistently delivered clinically-finished outfits to customers in Nigeria and abroad. Its robust clientele includes celebrities, captains of industry and individuals who have unique taste for quality and luxury.

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