O ti ye e aji movement jungle don mature #ibile this project is based on behalf of the love ones we lost one love equals all wrong on a free enterprise we are one family under GOD @levi__god is back on track for the new world on a #rebirthofthelevite seasons greetings and a early gift for the festive season you already know God bless everyone INVOLVE according to thy work aji ji with the full energy spread the gospel on a 7day theory you dig sound on a expensive shii some big STAR wave like an explosive enjoy and stay safe happy new year in advance and a merry Xmas to y’all bless up❕

“levi_god- Race”.


“levi__god-Who is Fooling who”.


“levi__god-Broken mirror”.

“levi__god wonderland”.


“levi__god ikebe Super”.


“levi__god Ft.Rapkheed-Rainy Day”.


“levi__god Ft Rapkheed&Moxie-Misunderstood”.


“levi__god Ft Moxie-Paranoid State”.


“levi__god Ft Moxie&Rapkheed-Jungle World”.


“levi__god Ft Lipscane-Love Story”.


“levi__god Ft C Klem-Má lo gò ó”.


“levi__god don’t-Give up ft skidazzy”.


“levi__god- Aiye Labowo”.


“Levi Ft.Zion Soldier&Brayne MC-Positive Vibration”.

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