Kiki Mordi is getting all the nods she deserves. However, she has had to walk thorny valleys because of her success.

Yesterday, another journalist –Ruona Meyer–accused her of refusing to acknowledge another journalist who, Meyer alleged, came up with the idea for #SexForGrades–the highly successful BBC documentary, led by Kiki Mordi, which brought her to the spotlight.

Mordi was dragged on social media by trolls following that accusation.

Now, she has taken to her page to set the records straight. “1st phase of research was already on going when I joined. There were leads already and in fact, I was one of the leads (another funny story) Most of the other journalists were the staff. So do you see how wild it is to accuse me of coming from outside to steal a BBC’s staff story?” she wrote.

And she said a lot more, even addressed the journalist who is alleged to be the mind behind the #SexForGrades story.

See her tweets:











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