Popular South African dancer, Zodwa Watantu has slammed young men sliding into her DMs with photos of their private parts.

Zobwa Wabantu who loves her men young and fresh lamented that since the crash of her relationship with her fiancé, Ntobeko Linda whom she calls her first Ben 10, many other ‘wannabe Ben 10s’ have been sending her photos of their manhoods and boyhoods.

Zodwa Watantu and her Ex, Ntobeko Linda

Interestingly, not long after she called off her wedding to her first Ben 10, Ntobeko Linda, Zodwa started dating a new young lover, Vusi Buthelezi.

According to the sexy dancer, this has led to young men from all over the country trying their luck with her.

Speaking to Daily Sun, she complained that some got hold of her contact numbers and were sending her photos of their privates.

After sharing some of the photos with the SunTeam, she said: “Some are small, some are big and they come in all shapes. I’m tired of these anacondas and I wish they could stop!”

Zodwa said an army of Ben 10s was terrorising her and she was traumatised.

Zodwa Wabantu and her current young lover, Vusi Buthelezi

“They promise me heaven on earth in bed. They tell me they love me and can do better than my current Ben 10,” she said.

Zodwa, whose real surname is Libram, said she wanted men to know she wasn’t a whore.

“I can’t date two men at once.
I only date one man, and if our thing fails that’s when I find another person to date,” she said.

“Ben 10s text me and ask for love. They market themselves. I can’t take it anymore. They get my numbers on social pages. The numbers are there for bookings.”

Zodwa Wabantu and her current lover, Vusi Buthelezi

Zodwa complained that even when she attended events, men flashed their ‘bedroom sausages’ at her.

“Some have told me they love me and want to spend the rest of their lives with me. It’s bad. I’m tired for real. This needs to stop,” she said.

“I love my man and I’m not looking for another Ben 10. He satisfies me with everything. He’s just perfect for me.”

Zodwa previously said the reason she dated Ben 10s was because she didn’t want someone who wanted to control her, and that they were energetic.

“But that doesn’t mean all the Ben 10s in the country should be mine. My door is closed,” she said.

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