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Essential Lower-Body Gymnastics Movements

Essential Lower-Body Gymnastics Movements

When it comes to fitness, it is crucial to give as much attention to your lower body as you give to your upper body. Neglecting your lower body, as is often the case with most athletes, results in an underdeveloped and imbalanced lower half. In addition to squats and other general workouts that you do every week, you should do more specific exercises so that you can develop a strong lower body. Also, including more lower-body gymnastics movements to your routine could take your performance a notch higher.

Below are some effective drills for a stronger, well balanced lower body:

Calf raises

Although this movement is often forgotten or ignored, it is very effective and has tons of benefits. To perform it, start by placing your foot on an elevated surface so that your heel is below the ball of your foot. Go through a full range of ankle motion so you go from deep flexion to full extension. Try to achieve stability on the balls of your feet as you ensure that your legs are being fully worked all the way to your glutes, core, and upper body. What is the benefit of this drill? It will help to mobilize and improve the strength of your calf, foot, ankle, and Achilles tendon. This improvement is crucial for durability in activities like running and jumping. As you do this drill for better fitness and athletic performance, you can also consider incorporating some steroids to your routine. You need not look further for a reliable steroid seller than

Gymnastics squats

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You start with your knees bent, your feet shoulder-width apart, and your spine parallel to the floor. Straighten your legs while ensuring your back remains flat. You will experience a significant stretch in your hamstrings. While keeping your back flat and firm, bend your knees to make your glutes move backwards and down, as if you are sitting in a chair. Ensure your back and leg angle remains almost the same. If you start to fall on your back, then stop, tighten your core, and hold for a couple of seconds. Try to squat lower in the next set. Go back to the initial position while ensuring your back is flat and strong. Lengthen your hamstrings. With your back flat and firm, bring your chest to the straight body position by pressing your glutes together, ensuring your core and back are tight.

Mat jumps

You need a mat—an old, worn out, thick mat is perfect—which you will place on top of a foam pit. In case you do not have access to a foam pit, you can start with only a mat. All you need to do is jump on the mat for a certain number of reps or for a specific amount of time to cause muscular fatigue. The essence of this drill is to build explosiveness in your legs by making you get accustomed to absorbing and reversing the force. You must be aware of keeping a compact form throughout this drill. Also, ensure you maintain a tight and controlled hollow body.


You should perform the above drills until you are comfortable with them. It is also worth noting that for better results and more challenging movements, you can add weights to any of the exercises. Thus, you do not have to neglect your lower body, as these drills will work it.


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