Drag Queen in skirt exposes his crotch to children at ?Story Hour? Event (Photo)

A drag queen performer named “Sasha Sota” accidently exposed himself while reading to young children during a recent “Drag Queen Story Hour” event.

Blogger Anne Taylor who attended the event in Minnesota shared photos online of the drag queen’s exposed crotch.

“We’re talking a sleeveless cut-off t-shirt resembling SpongeBob SquarePants with midriff exposed, a pink mini-skirt, rainbow ankle socks, and black spiked heels that went above six inches,” Taylor described Sota’s attire. “The wig he wore was mermaid style crimping in the color of bright orange and makeup that was far too much under the neon lights.”

There were some 20-plus adults in attendance — most of whom were mothers, according to Taylor. Some of the fathers who were there, she said, “quickly left” after they saw the performer themselves. And there were “[a]bout twenty-two children … ranging in age from infant, toddler, and preschool into the elementary grades” at the story hour.

Taylor explained that she was shocked by the event. “I initially thought Drag Queen Story Hours were a hoax and simply unfathomable until I experienced one myself,” she said.


Drag Queen in skirt exposes his crotch to children at ?Story Hour? Event (Photo)


The communications specialist for Hennepin County Maria Baca offered this explanation about the embarrassing incident:

“Every performance is different. That allows for a new show every day, but also introduces the possibility of new mistakes”, explained Maria.

“Partway through this year’s schedule, we realized the need for a performer dress code. We followed up right away with each of the performers to ensure that their costumes are appropriate for the audience and activity.”

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