Highly controversial writer and illustrator, Sugabelly has taken to Twitter to call out Nollywood veteran actors, Pete Edochie and Joke Silva for what she sees as lack of versatility in their roles

For legendary actor, Pete Edochie who is considered one of Africa’s most talented actors, Sugarbelly really went hard, describing him as a “really bad actor” who plays the same roles all his life.

According to Sugabelly:

“Pete Edochie is a really bad actor.
He’s been playing the same role his entire life.
Acting isn’t quoting proverbs.
But Nigerians live and die by seniority so the older he gets, the less anybody is able to point this glaring elephant in the room out.”

She also spoke about ace actress Joke Silva whom she gave a subtle praise  for her acting skills but blasted her for ‘overacting’ through her voice.

“Joke Silva is a pretty good actress but she overacts a lot. Not through her movements but through her voice. She always sounds as if she’s reciting Shakespeare when she’s meant to be chatting with her adult child at breakfast.”

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