Did you know your phone clipboard could put you into security problems and make you vulnerable?

If you did now know, you are probably not the only one. Many of us don’t know but we enjoy the simplicity of using the clipboard to copy and paste data. However, this article is an eye-opener to the security threats of using the clipboard.

Read below;

I wish smartphones have clipboard access permission but they don’t have, once you copy anything (it goes into the clipboard) it is a public access area – almost every app in your phone can access, read and copy the information in your clipboard. It’s like anything uploaded to the internet via Http, it can be accessed by anyone who wishes to have the information.

Let me make it simple – Stop copying and pasting sensitive personal information in your phone like email, passwords, credit card details, bank accounts etc.
Your phone clipboard is a public access area and any app can collect and use any data in the clipboard.

Check out how to go about it securely in this Video:


However, another source from addictivetips.com stated that copying your password to your clipboard so you can paste it into a password field is not dangerous if you only have trusted apps, downloaded from a trusted source with valid licenses etc, running on your system then you don’t have anything to worry about.

If you install apps that Windows warns your against, ones that look unsafe, use keygens and cracks, or download apps from untrustworthy repositories instead of the official website you might be at risk. The risk doesn’t come so much from the app but from the source, it is downloaded from. The app installer might be bundled with a malicious program. The keygen or the crack you’re using might be phoning home without you knowing it.

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