Between Asa and a fan who framed her Twitter replySinger Asa has received a lovely gift from a fan of hers who made a promised which he said would only be fulfilled if she did something for him.

The fan was on Twitter with a post expressing his love for Asa. According to him, if the singer should reply his tweet, he would screenshot and frame it like a picture.

His dream came through as seen in the picture below.

Between Asa and a fan who framed her Twitter reply

In a recent interview with, Schick Magazine, Asa has opened up about her love and dating life.

Opening up about her love life, she said; ”It’s either guys think they aren’t in your league or you have 150 sailors waiting at every port to swoon at your feet! Either way, it can be quite lonely and difficult to find someone who doesn’t mind taking the back seat to see you grow and wilfully take you for all you are.”

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