Popular Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph has called out her ‘best friend’, Uche Elendu on Instagram, for not wanting her to prosper in her modelling business.

According to Anita, Uche Elendu, who is also a hair vendor got angry with her after she modelled another person’s hair. Uche felt that, since Anita always models her hair, then she shouldn’t model for someone else, because it would make hers seem fake.

Anita however, espressed the fact that she was only doing her best friend a favour by modelling her hair, as Uche doesn’t even pay her at all for it.

“You don’t pay me to model your hair, yet you don’t want me to model for someone else, are you a witch?” Anita said.

Stressing further, Anita Joseph called Uche Elendu a beautiful devil, saying that she has a beautiful face but very ugly inside.

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