Chief   Nike   Davies-Okundaye, Nigeria’s   Textile   Queen   and

internationally renowned artist, is, for the first time in History, sharing all her
business and crafts industry insights, in a Biography authored by Kofo Adeleke,
with a foreword written by former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr Robin Renee
Sanders. The memoir details Mama Nike’s arduous and historic journey on
rising to fame, from the walls of Ogidi-Ijumu, a small village in western Nigeria
with no formal education to conquering the globe, as written by Kofo Adeleke.

Launched officially by Chief Diana Chen, the Chairman of CIG Motors, “Bata Mi
A Dun Ko ko Ka” was historically unveiled in hardcover on Saturday, December
19, at the CIG Motors Headquarters on Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos;
in a cozy setting, witnessed by the creme de la creme of the art Industry
including Essayist and Novelist – Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka, The
CEO of the Nigerian Stock exchange- Oscar Onyema, amongst other Royal

Education is important in life. The memoir’s Title, in the form of a Yorùbá proverb, echoes a major part of Nike’s work, rooted in powerful elements of Yorùbá culture and mythology. In 233 pages, the reader learns how art shaped her life and influenced her art in diverse ways. From joining a travelling theatre group to becoming an adept student, drawing from her family’s many artisanal specializations, Nike Davies, aka Nike Twins Seven Seven is a woman who has lived lifetimes filled with stories all narrated in this memoir.


Professor   Wole   Soyinka-Nobel   Laureate,   a   friend   of   Mama   Nike   also
commended the artist, he said: “Today is all about my aburo, it’s always a
delight to see her, the embodiment of “Gbogbo nishe” – a multifaceted

Nike is one of the most exceptional and unique artists I’ve ever met, not because
she uses herself as her own model of expression, but because she’s a walking
piece of art that spreads joy all around, it’s an honour to celebrate with you
today aburo. It’s time for the world to get to know you and celebrate you”

Speaking on the artist, Award-winning sculptor, painter and printmaker –
Professor Bruce Obomeyoma Onobrakpeya remarked;

“The best setting to discover a genius is in the informal educational setting rather than the academy.

In his opening remarks, the Vice Chairman of the CIG Group, Dr Linus Idahosa spoke about the historic support the company has had for the creative industry; in his words “True Art is not just what stirs our sense of sight, attunes our soul or causes our spirit to rejoice.. for us it is the most powerful tool for societal change and Mama Nike has proven to be that symbol.

Mama Nike has trained a lot of people from the grass roots. On the other hand

she also looks after artists, her colleagues and professors, giving them a means to continue. I would  like to thank Kofo Adeleke  for writing this book which
reconstitutes a great document for Nigerian art.”

“Mama Nike”, as she is also fondly called, is a lady of many firsts; a true
protofeminist. The living legend turned 69 on May 23 and is celebrated for her
Art, philanthropy and the strength of character. The protofeminist weathered
many personal storms, from a young age and emerged to the top. Her work has

exported Nigerian culture worldwide into prolific collections including- The Smithsonian, The Gallery of African Art, The British Library, in Londondale; amongst other high-profile homes including former US Vice President, Walter Mondale. She currently lectures at several universities in the United States, UK, and Canada- even without a University degree.

The third honorary speaker at the event, Jess Castellote observed: “I am
delighted to be here, the art world is a complex system with several players, I
just want to mention one person that has helped consistently for the past
decades.  She  has  been  very  successful  in  that  and  I  think  we  need  to
acknowledge that, and support her. It’s not only that she has trained people, she
works in the gallery and has helped many others. I’m really glad to be here. I’ll
say thank you Nike.”

This call to reconnect with our roots was further emphasized by the Chief Launcher, – business mogul-Chief Diana Chen. Being a lover of arts and culture, she  expressed  her  affection  for  the  blooming  industries  through  crucial collaborations such as this.

Speaking at the event, she said: “We all know Nike Davies-Ogunlaye. We recognize her for her unending talents, her alluring gallery and her impeccable style. We know about her, but hardly do we know her story. She has groomed thousands of talents throughout her life, but I believe that through her story, she’ll inspire millions more.”

The CEO of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Oscar Onyema also honored the
artist, he explained that Nike Art Gallery was a first stop when he first visited
Nigeria in 2011. Mama Nike had spent two hours introducing him to Nigerian

“… It gives me great honor to be here at this launch. As you know, finance is a great catalyst of growth in any sector. This convergence is a required ingredient for economic growth. I must congratulate Chief Mrs Dr. Nike Ekunda– who I fondly call Mama Nike and Kofo Adeleke, for this amazing book. Without doubt, Mama Nike,  your shoes not only made an impression now, but likewise your name and your sectional works in exposing our nation’s rich culture and heritage,” Mr Onyema remarked.

Chief Diana also sent a strong message to the Governments, private sectors and
citizens of Nigeria, on Celebrating our Heroes and Legends whilst alive. In the
wake of this new movement, a pace has been set, by celebrating the life and
biography of a daughter of the soil who has done the Nation proud Nationally
and Internationally. Chief Diana continually emphasized the importance of
chronicling the stories about our Legends and its impact on the younger
generations of Nigerians who need Inspiration and Guidance for their lives and
careers. She urged every Nigerian to place a copy of the book on their coffee
tables; starting with herself. The Chief Diana Chen Foundation launched One
Thousand books; with Five Hundred copies to be donated to Five Top Nigerian

Giving the closing remarks, The Consular General of Switzerland in Lagos –
Thomas Schneider said:

“It’s an honor to be here amongst the greatest artists on the planet, — Prof. Soyinka, Prof. Bruce, and many other artists present. I already call her Mama, because this is the feeling I get when I visit her gallery. I have visited many galleries around the world, but her gallery is a temple. When you leave Nike Art gallery it is like you are coming out of a dream.

I took my staff on a company outing to Nike Art Gallery. They are usually not

familiar with art, and I told them ‘In the beginning, art is like eating and sleeping.
It is part of the basic need of people. It is part of that which defines us. It is a
mirror of our society. It is important,’ and I think they understand after the two
hours we spent at the Nike Art Gallery. Also, congratulations to all your
achievements. I thank you for inviting us. Thank you also Chief Diana Chen. “

Famous for her arts, crafts, textile design, gallery and unmistakable style, Nike
has a career spanning five decades all compressed into over 233 pages of
beautifully composed text. Yesterday’s Book launch event ended with the reading
of a few chapters by the author, embellished with unmistakable style, as always.

It has been a roller-coaster journey for the woman also known as Nike Twins
Seven Seven. who has gone on to educate generations of artists, through a
network of art centres across Nigeria at no cost. The memoir; “Bata Mi A Dun Ko
ko Ka”   is available now, for N14,000 at BookCraft, its Publisher’s site, and at
Mama Nike’s eponymous Art Gallery.

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