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We at would like to formally welcome you to our little corner of the web.

Here you can find a multitude of items which we are sure will tickle your fancy. We cover a variety of interests, ranging from sports, music, movies, campus gossip down to politics, news (both local and international) and technology.

We work round the clock to bring you your daily web fix, assuring posts and updates as soon as they’re released.

Expect a constant stream of entertainment news, both local and foreign….we post, just as it happens. The low down of your favorite celebrity can be found in our ‘Celebrity Corner’, whether he/she is on the shores of Africa or is walking the streets on an international scene.

Need an update of what’s happening around the campuses of the nation? Look no further, everything can be found here. You can get the info on who’s who and what’s what in our ‘Campus Gist’ section.

What would a website be without music? And we certainly have a lot of it…from Nigeria to America, Africa to Europe. Hip hop or Dance Hall…you listen, we play it.

Expect your movie reviews and TV releases here. Whether you’re looking for that movie review, or the run through on your favorite season..we provide you the update to ensure you never miss a moment of your television viewing pleasure.

As this is a blog, we also make sure that for your entertainment, we provide the best stories and blog posts around. Be it poetry, comedy or suspense… We write so you keep coming back for more. All this and more can definitely be found in our ‘BlogsVille’.

Need fashion tips and advice? Or you just want to know how a particular dress would fit? Check out our ‘Fashion Blog’. We’re sure you won’t regret what you see.

Ever wandered what happens in your nations senate meeting? Or thought about Congress hearings in the United States.. Our ‘Politics’ page makes sure you’re completely up to date and in the know with the world’s politics and power plays.

These are just tips off the iceberg. So sit back and relax as we take you on a blogging experience like never before.

Enjoy! Your One Stop Entertainment Hub!!!

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